The Kitty Chronicles: Episode 8


Hi Friends, It’s me, Kitty!

It’s been a long time since I have posted, so I thought I would give you all an update.

Things are going really well for me at the Hello Bully Halfway House. I have learned so many new tricks. I can sit, lie down, stay, find it, and even shake! I have even been learning some agility skills. I can jump over the hurdle, and through the hoop. I am beginning to work on the weave poles. I am told this agility training is a great way for me to get out energy, but sometimes I just like to zoomie! I do love learning new things and of course, smelling them too!

My friends here take me for long walks through our wooded area. It really smells different up there. You can even occasionally see some other weird looking dogs (I am told they are called deer or groundhogs). I really enjoy the outdoors. The people here have also been introducing me to a lot new places. I went on a few car rides, and visited some shopping malls. It makes me a little nervous to see all of the different people, and places sometimes, but I am getting really used to it. I even took a car ride to a swimming pool! I chose not to get in, but relaxed on the pool deck. I could get really used to that, especially on a hot summers night!

I do love the people who take care of me at the Hello Bully Halfway House, and I am so grateful for all they have taught me. However, I am really ready to get out of here, and get to my forever home! I am looking for someone who can keep me learning, and enjoys exploring as much as I do. Are you that person????

Love, Kitty!

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