The Kitty Chronicles: Episode 7

Hi! Kitty here:)

Today I went on a little field trip to an outside shopping mall and to Burton’s. You know, safety first. I had to wear a seat belt harness in the car. But it wasn’t so bad, I got treats for putting it on and I was a good girl in the car.

The parking lot of the shopping area was pretty crowded. My volunteer had to park the car pretty far away from all the action. We sat in the car for a little while and just watched people and cars coming and going. I don”t mind the cars, but the pickup trucks made me worry a little bit. They”re big and loud, but my person didn’t seem to be upset and we just sat in the car and had some treats and I guess those trucks are not so bad after all.

Finally, I got to go for a little walk to check out all the happenings. There were quite a lot of people walking around. Big people, little people, quiet people, and loud little people. Some of them were pushing around dog crates on wheels. My lady called them “shopping carts.” Weird, but I didn’t care after I saw the first one.

We walked around the parking lot for a little bit. Then, I lead my human closer to where the action was. There were a lot of people going in and coming out of buildings. They are called “stores.” I’ve never seen anything like it. I was excited and cautious at the same time. There were a lot of smells on the pavement for me to check out. And sometimes I got a little nervous and smelled around just to gain my composure. Those stores are strange. The doors open by themselves!

I wanted to go inside, but my volunteer said that dogs are not allowed inside. Really?!?! She gave me some treats instead 🙂 Every time I walked up to one of those doors, there was another dog on the other side. Strange…. It just looked at me, the same way I looked at it. I couldn’t figure it out. Whatever! Then we had to go back to the car because my lady said it was too cold and that she’s hungry. Well I’m always up for a tasty meal.

We drove up to a building that smelled really good. My lady talked to somebody and before I knew it, this other human handed her a bag. It smelled really good! Off we went again. The next stop was a special store. I was allowed to go inside. Oh man, there was a lot of interesting things to look at. And smell! Lots of good smelling food things. I grabbed some, but I had to give them back. My lady gave me something out of the good smelling bag instead 🙂 I didn’t mind the trade.

I also met a nice new lady at the store. She was the only new person to really pay attention to me while we were out. That made me happy. She talked nice to me and gave me a treat out of the bag. I was very polite and sat for her. There were also birds in the store. I wanted to go and play (chase) with them, but my lady distracted me and I forgot about them. On the way back to the car, there was another dog sitting inside a car. It was barking and growling. IDK why. I whined a little bit and went to my car and went home.

Btw… My lady bought the treats I grabbed in the store. So I got to bring home a present for my roommates Tyrion and Pia.

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