The Kitty Chronicles: Episode 6

In this episode, Kitty goes to Nana Sally’s! Thank you to Hello Bully Senior Volunteer, Behavior Team member, and Medical Director, Gretchen!

Before leaving the comforts of her temporary home at The Hello Bully Halfway House, we spent some time out in the play yard with Kitty. She’s a total snow lover so she did the usual silly, butt-tucked, ears-back, zoomies. We figured we would let Kitty do her running around before getting in the car for her first field trip ever… to Nana Sally’s house! At first, Kitty wasn’t sure about the car. Within a minute she jumped on in for the yummy treats on the back seat. Good girl, Kitty! Jay was driving so I could work on some good ‘riding manners’ with Kitty. She is such a quick and eager learner. She was a little nervous but always looked to me for her confidence and of course, a treat. The ride was 20 minutes or so and she stayed upright the entire ride and tried a couple of attempts of riding in the front seat on my lap. Kitty is easily redirected with those favorite treats!

Once we arrived at our destination, Kitty was excited and anxious, but very focused on my guidance. We spent time outside of the house and Kitty took her good old time sniffing everything new to her. When she was done exploring we finally made our way inside. Kitty was so happy to see Nana Sally! She had never met her before, but acted like they were the best of friends. The next hour was spent exploring the house, every corner, every chair, every room, EVERY THING and ANY THING, especially things with cat smells! Kitty was curious and confident so we attempted something she may never have done before in her life, THE STAIRS! I went up first and she slowly sniffed the first couple of steps. I called her with some enticing treats and at her own pace, she slowly and cautiously went up each stair.

Upstairs, just like downstairs, she had to spend a lot of time sniffing. When her buddy, Jay, came upstairs to see her, she was excited and immediately but gently pulled his hat off of his head and took it right to Nana Sally on the couch, and then sat on it! Kitty started getting too silly, and a little over-stimulated. She wanted to grab pillows off of the couch. We did a treat exchange for the pillow, and then Miss Kitty got “the talk” about stealing pillows from Nana Sally.

Kitty was quite smitten with Nana. Kitty is a very friendly dog but does not usually seek out too much cuddling from me. Nana Sally cuddles are a different story! Kitty was so very content with my mom holding her while they sat on the couch together. Kitty is such a beautiful, sweet, soulful dog. It was so incredible to watch her experience more of the “real world.” Our visit lasted a couple of hours and Kitty truly impressed me with how well she did. I love Kitty more than ever!


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