The Kitty Chronicles: Episode 4

Kitty is thriving in the new year. Our little sweetie is loving life off of the chain! Tonight, she nicely gave her best sit while I put on her harness, another nice sit while I opened the kennel door, another sit before exiting to outside and then off we went into the night! It was a cold wintry night but so beautiful in the bright moonlight and Kitty kept looking up at the sky. She was full of sniffing but no pulling while we walked up the hill. Sounds made her stop quickly and look, showing off her beautiful self in the moonlight. I offered a “good girl,” actually one of at least a hundred tonight because you know… she’s a good girl…. and off we went again. She sniffed around for about 10 minutes and then we decided to go into the upper play yard. She sat for the leash to come off and then the zoomies took over immediately! All around the yard, zoomie here and a zoomie there. She found a rope and ball toy and loved throwing it into the air as she ran with it. Kitty easily came to me when asked and dropped the toy at my feet for a good-tasting treat. After 20 minutes of playing and loving the cold air and moonlight, she was ready when I told her we could have more fun inside where it was warm! 

Once in the living room, I gave Kitty her Kong dinner.  She chose to sit close to her human buddy, Jay, on the futon and used his arm to rest her butt against while she worked on the Kong. A few minutes later, I decided to do some crate work with her. We started slow. A few treats inside at the very back and she would stretch as far as she could with back legs still safely on the floor outside of the crate. Stretch Kitty!!! A few more treats… in the whole way. Good Girl Kitty!!!  A few more really, really tasty treats and in the whole way and crate door closed!! REALLY GOOD GIRL KITTY!  No panic, very calm and soft tail wagging for praise and treats. Yes! Our sweet Kitty was in a closed crate for almost 2 minutes tonight with Jay handing treat after treat and me video taping it!!!!!! REALLY, REALLY, REALLY GOOD GIRL, KITTY!!  She loves lots of praise and of course the good treats. What an incredible year 2015 is going to be for Kitty!


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