The Kitty Chronicles: Episode 3

This week’s episode comes from Ursula, Hello Bully Volunteer, Board Member, and Enrichment Coordinator. Spoiler alert! It’s awesome!

Tyrion and Kitty had a great start to their day. Despite the snow falling and the cold temperature, Tyrion walked all the way up the trail with me. Most of it without coaxing! Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed that he’s learned very well how to play the walk game! LOL! He’d walk a few steps and then sit and wait for “here” or a piece of kibble landing ahead of him. So I’ve been making a point to reward him while he’s walking with me. Little man did not have gifts for me in his kennel this morning and also did not pee or poop in his kennel while Kitty was out. He must have had a very tiring day yesterday. It’s a tough life, being a rock star! After a few of his typical antics (jumping into the recycling bin!) he jumped on his throne and fell asleep.

Kitty did great today. On my third attempt to enter her kennel she did a wonderful job sitting and waiting for me to enter her room — even though she was very excited and her little front feet were moving and her butt was scooting around. She stayed seated until I was all the way in the kennel and then just couldn’t contain herself anymore and got all wiggly. Her tail was wagging a mile a minute, she was so proud of herself!

Outside, she loved sniffing around in the snow while we walked up the trail. 
Later in the morning, she chased snowballs in the play yard. The snow didn’t stick together well and they fell apart as they hit the ground, but she still had fun with it, picking up the pieces with her mouth and then spitting them out. We also played “Peek-a-boo/catch me if you can” around the play-house. Lots and lots of play bows, we both had fun! She’d chase me and then I’d chase her and she’d get the zoomies and then come back for more.

When we went back inside, we played a low-key game of tug with the rope and tennis ball toy. She’s such a good dog. She took the toy really gently and had no issues dropping it.

I usually put treats in the crate before I bring her out. Today I didn’t. The first thing she did was check out the crate and then looked at me, disappointed. She actually checked inside the crate several times to make sure she didn’t miss anything! What a smartie!

The biggest news of the week is that Kitty had a successful meet and greet with Greg, my husband. Kitty met him previously and was very fearful. There must have been something about his appearance that made her uncomfortable, and she was noticeably stressed. Since she hadn’t been at The Halfway House for long, we decided to back off, and revisit it after she had settled in.

Greg dropped me off and came to pick me up again. Kitty was helping with the garbage and making sure I put the bag in the correct garbage can. She noticed the strange car outside and just kept walking with me to the garbage cans. Since she seemed comfortable, I walked her up to the car. She didn’t want to get too close, so we checked it out from a distance. Greg opened the door; Kitty had no reaction. He got out of the car and crouched down, she still just looked at him, checking out his sunglasses and winter wear. She quickly decided Greg was OK after all! She walked up to him with loose tail wags and took some treats out of his hand!

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