The Kitty Chronicles: Episode 2

Kitty had a great holiday week! In this episode, we have updates from three of our Behavior Team volunteers who have been working with Kitty.

I have seen incredible progress with Kitty. Her sitting at the kennel door has gotten SO much better. We have gotten to the point where I can have her sit and I hold my hand in the stay position then slowly unlatch the kennel door, with her in a “wiggly sit,” but as soon as the door opens she gets up! She’s getting there though!

Her toy/treat exchange has gotten drastically better. No more eating the peanut butter spoon since we worked on it as a normal bedtime routine. Peanut butter spoon exchange with Cheerios galore on her bed! Cheerios weirdly win every time!

She is still weird with her harness, but she’s making progress. I have worked on her collar, and Anna and I both worked slowly but surely while giving her a new martingale. She was totally receptive to the reaching over her head; what she seems to get weird about is coming from the side/behind. Overall, she had a very good week! — Ashley

Kitty was great when we worked with the crate! We started out slow with treats in the crate and she would go in to retrieve them. Then we tried having her sit when she would go in, then closing the crate door and giving a reward.

We worked our way up to my mom mopping the floor in the Dog Living Room with her sitting in there and the door closed! When my mom would walk past the crate, she would give her a treat and praise. She did great! She didn’t whine or anything! It probably helped that Mom talked to her the whole time she was mopping! — Lindsay

Kitty likes long walks on the beach, reading fairy tales, and sitting on park benches watching the trees sway and the birds fly. Just kidding! She does love chewing Nylabones, sniffing out treats, and long walks in the woods at the Hello Bully Halfway House.

We have had some exceptionally warm weather over the holidays, so Kitty and I have been able to take several long walks through the woods. Kitty enjoys smelling all of the new scents that are out there. She loves to roll around in the fallen leaves. She even breaks into a jog now and then! It is a wonderful sight to see her just being a dog.

Once back in the house, we play with the Kong wobbler and work on getting used to the crate. I toss a few treats into the crate, and Kitty goes in on her own. Kitty will usually help do a few chores (washing dishes, stuffing Kongs, etc.), and by helping I mean she will usually chew a Nylabone on the comfy chair and supervise. Sometimes the dishwasher and freezer can make some scary noises, but it doesn’t seem to bother her anymore.

Back in her kennel, Kitty practices remaining calm while I clean or work with the other dogs. She is learning that she gets rewarded for calm, quiet behavior. She is also learning that only when she sits, will people enter her kennel. She still gets very excited and pops up from time to time, but quickly sits again! Kitty is catching on! — Anna

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