The Kitty Chronicles: Episode 1

Even though it was freezing out today, Kitty was happy to work her nose! After a nice walk, I gave her some time to chew on her Nylabone beside me on the couch. I pretended to ignore her, but let’s be real — who could ignore this angel face! No one, that’s who! So, Kitty chewed while I had the TV on. Practicing to be a regular dog is important — and she did great! I took her Nylabone away multiple times throughout her chewing session, trading with treats. She was happy to give it up, and even happier to get it back!

Since Kitty has gotten stiff and fearful in the past when changing her collar, I played with her collar a few times, and Kitty did great! She is still inconsistent with this and needs further desensitization — random touching, removing, and associating with treats. She is absolutely improving, so we will continue working on it.

We are still working on the sit/stay when entering the kennel. She knows what’s being asked of her — whether or not she can contain her goofy self is another story. She is making improvements, though, slowly. I continued the practice of asking for a sit/stay to put on harness and then again to buckle harness, with many treats in between. I think this kind of breaks it up for her and I like the choices she’s making, so I’m going to continue to do it.

A few times throughout my shift when I asked for a sit, she would do a quick succession combo of sit, lay, pop-up, shake, here-are-all-my-tricks-please-give-me-some-treats! Oh, Kitty, you’re a smart cookie!

Enrichment! I had the opportunity to go to a house with new dogs this week. I took along an old towel and exposed it to three dogs and a cat. I brought it to the Halfway House and stuffed it into a box and tossed in some kibble as a reward. Kitty was really into it and sniffed it for a solid five minutes.

Class! Kitty was Super Kitty! At first, she was reactive to the other dogs, but quickly got over it and within about ten minutes was focusing on her handler in the same room. She worked on touch, sit, down, stay, polite greetings with people and with the other dogs. Her default sit is amazing, and she didn’t care too much being close to the other dogs. Kitty is so smart and learns very quickly! I love working with her!

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