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PIT FIX PLUS is a program through Hello Bully that offers free spay/neuter and vaccinations for pit bulls in the Pittsburgh area. To schedule your appointment, please email or call us today!

Can you sponser a PIT FIX for a Pittsburgh pit bull? Every $50 donation covers the cost for one pit bull. Any amount is appreciated! Donations can be made via paypal of credit card by clicking the button below.

PIT FIX PLUS is made possible by the following organizations and YOUR support. We thank you!
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ASPCA Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center Animal Friends
Pit Bull Rescue Central Western PA Humane Society
Petsmart Charities Petco Foundation
Hello Bully had always wanted to have a free or low-cost speuter program for Pit Bulls. Murphy was the dog who really inspired us to push forward and start Pit Fix Plus. Murphy never got his second chance, but he is honored and remembered by us through this program. Thank you Murphy.
Pepper and Maggie aren't Pit Bulls, but they are beloved family dogs... just like many Pit Bulls. Their family just sponsored a Pit Fix Plus package to show their support for Hello Bully and our mission. Thanks so much you adorable pups!
"Isis is a wonderful adopted bully who had a rough start as a stray but has become a welcomed addition to our home. Her endless love, enthusiasm, and affection have helped her to win over the hearts of her family as well as the hearts of many Pit Bull skeptics. We couldn't be happier to have her in our lives. This package is in honor of her." - The Joyce Family
Our friend Ginny is an angel to animals in our area. Not only does she volunteer to walk shelter dogs every day - no matter what the weather - she has also sponsored Pit Fix Plus packages for over 50 dogs!!! We adore Ginnie, and know that the dogs do too!
Meet Bourbon and Tank! These sweet pitties enjoy running and playing in their yard, and the Chase-It Toy! They daydream of owning their own fashion line, "Bourblegoose and Tankerank!" Their Mom sponsored 2 Pit Fix Plus packages for her birthday! Happy Birthday Dayna and thanks!
These sweet Pitties are Miikka and Fitz. Fitz was adopted from a shelter when she was just a pup, and her little brother Miikka is a rescue as well! Their Mom & Dad really care about Pit Bull spay/neuter and wanted to show their support by sponsoring 2 Pit Fix Plus packages, in honor of Miikka and Fitz! Thank you friends!
Barb is a long time friend and supporter of Hello Bully. In honor of her two adopted Pit Bulls, she is sponsoring 2 Pit Fix Plus packages! Angie and Cleo's favorite activities are: going on walks, getting dog treats, and on cold winter afternoons, (like today), spending the day snoozing under a blanket. They are very much adored by their human family.

If you sponsor a Pit Fix Plus package, and you'd like to dedicate it to a person or dog you know, just email us a photo and short write up and reference your donation. We'll be happy to add them to this page!
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