Hello Bully Spokesbulls

We are very proud to present our Official Hello Bully Spokesbulls! Hello Bully Spokesbulls are the owned dogs of some of our dedicated volunteers. Spokesbulls hold the Canine Good Citizen certification or equivalent, demonstrating that they are well behaved in public and promoting responsible dog ownership. Many of our Spokesbulls also hold Therapy Dog titles from various organizations and frequent our local colleges and hospitals to comfort those who need it.

Our Spokesbulls are breed ambassadors for the American Pit Bull Terrier and attend events with their owners to show the public what a typical Pit Bull is! They love people and are incredibly engaging — changing the minds of many people who meet them. Look for them at our upcoming events, or if you’d like to have our Spokesbulls come to your event or institution, email juli@hellobully.com.


Princess Pear Bear is proud to be a Hello Bully Alumni and Official Hello Bully Spokesbull! Please follow Princess “Pear” Bear on Instagram @spoiledfruit and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/PrincessPearBear.


Toree was adopted from the Animal Rescue League in 2008. She played a big part in getting her mom involved with Hello Bully. Toree excelled in her training, proving to be one smart pup and quickly advanced, earning both her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog certifications! She has since retired her Therapy Dog career, but still runs around town being a Good Canine! Sunbathing and chasing tennis balls are some of Toree’s favorite activities these days, but you might be able to catch her at a Hello Bully Event!


Gizmo was rescued from a dogfighting ring in August, 2011 by the Humane Society of the United States. He then came to Pittsburgh and was rehabbed by our great friends at the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania. Gizmo was adopted in April, 2012, and became a Certified Therapy Dog in October, 2012. He lives with his Mom (Sharon), his Kid (Alex), and his dog sister (Lucy).


Jaidyn‘s first family was in the military and when her first dad was assigned to a unit in Japan, she couldn’t go with them. That is when she moved in with her new mom, dad, and doggie sister Kaycie. She is proud to say that she is the reason her mom volunteers for Hello Bully. Her favorite things in the world are her family, her doggie friends Maple and King, balls, and her Chase-it toy. She loves to play and snuggle.


Candy was rescued in December 2010 after spending the first year of her life living tethered on a chain. She was emaciated, cold, scared, and unsocialized. Once in the stable environment of her foster home (that later became her forever home), her personality really opened up and she let her true colors of innocence, gentleness ,and witty antics prevail. She was born deaf, but that doesn’t prevent her from living her life like any other dog after being trained to follow hand signals. She shares her home with four fellow Pit Bulls, a Jack Russell, and a foster cat. In 2013, she achieved her Canine Good Citizen certification. The ultimate goal Candy is working towards is to become a certified Therapy Dog and visit the children at the Pittsburgh School for the Deaf, so that she can help her fellow people who are living with her same lifestyle situation. When Candy is “off duty,” she lives a humble existence of cuddling with her fellow canine siblings, searching for every single last crumb that might have fallen (and she has been known to be a stinker and steal food off the counter from time to time, when she thinks no one is watching), meeting and playing with new canine friends, chasing squirrels, and chasing her own tail.


Duke was adopted through the Animal Rescue League with help from Hello Bully on November 27, 2006. Duke is a Canine Good Citizen and a Working Therapy Dog. In addition to being a proud Spokesbull for Hello Bully, he is also a Member of Delta Society for Therapy Dogs and works for K-9s for Compassion out of Ohio. Duke visits nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and works with children in a Reading Program. Duke is 11 years young. Duke loves to be outside and likes to explore. There isn’t a toy he doesn’t like. Duke loves everyone… people and pets alike.


Harley was Rescued September 18, 2008. Harley is a Canine Good Citizen and a Working Therapy Dog. In addition to being a proud Spokesbull for Hello Bully, she is also a Member of Delta Society for Therapy Dogs and works for K-9s for Compassion out of Ohio. Harley visits nursing homes, assisted living facilities,  and works with children in a Reading Program. Harley is 6 years young and only has use of 3 legs but it doesn’t slow her down one bit. She loves playing Ball and is fast like lightning. Harley loves being around everyone, including other dogs.