Hello Bully Foster Agreement

Do You?RentOwn

If you rent, we need written and verbal confirmation that your landlord will allow you to have a Pit Bull.

If you have children, do they have experience with dogs? YesNo

Has everyone in your household been included in the decision to foster a Pit Bull?

Does anyone in your household have allergies or asthma? YesNo

Does anyone in your household have any physical limitations that would prevent them from caring for an active dog? YesNo

Have you ever fostered Pit Bull or other dogs before? YesNo

Does the county or city where you live have any Breed Specific Legislation? YesNoNot Sure

Where will the dog spend most of his or her time? Tied out in yardBasement or garageIndoors with familyOutdoor KennelIn fenced yardIndoor/Outdoor Kennel

What outdoor areas will your dog have access to? (Check all that apply.) Enclosed dog runUnfenced YardTie out (cable)Fenced YardTie out (chain)

Where will the dog spend his or her time when home alone? Tied out in yardBasement or garageCrate or indoor kennelFree in houseIn fenced yardOutdoor Kennel

Do you plan on taking your foster dog to an obedience or training class? YesNo

Please tell us what your expectations are of the dog's behavior? Comes when CalledHousetrainedKnows Basic CommandsWalks well on leash

Under what circumstances would you need to return your foster dog? New RoomatePregnancy or New BabyDog having behavior problemsSeparation or DivorceNew Carpet or FurnitureIllness or AllergiesChange in employmentMovingVeterinary Expenses

Hello Bully views our foster families as a respected and valuable part of our team. We agree to always treat you as such. Hello Bully will never discriminate on the basis of sex, race, religion or ethnicity. We will do our best to match you with the most appropriate dog. We will never place a dog with you who has any history of human aggression. All dogs must pass a behavior evaluation and have a health check prior to being placed in foster.

Hello Bully does not provide financial reimbursement to our fosters, but we will provide you with everything you should need. Hello Bully will provide food, bowls, toys, treats, crates, blankets, and any other item(s) you feel you need to be a successful foster home. Any item provided to you by Hello Bully must be returned to Hello Bully at the completion of the foster term. You may choose to purchase items in addition to what Hello Bully provides, but this is at your discretion and you will not be reimbursed. Any treats or toys must be approved prior to purchase.

Hello Bully will provide reimbursement for all medical expenses provided that the need for care was not a result of negligence by the foster. All medical treatment including emergencies must be cleared through Hello Bully prior to treatment being administered.

Hello Bully allows fosters to decide what length of foster term fits best with their lifestyle. Our fosters are making a commitment based on their own discretion. Should a situation arise and the contract needs to be broken, Hello Bully requires 30 days notice to find a replacement foster, however, we will take emergencies into consideration.

As a foster for Hello Bully, I agree that Hello Bully is the legal guardian and owner of the foster dog. I understand that Hello Bully reserves the right to inspect the living conditions of the foster dog and remove the dog for any reason if found unsatisfactory. I understand that any parties interested in adopting the dog I am fostering will be directed to Hello Bully and will go through the same screening process as any other potential adopter. I agree to keep in contact with Hello Bully and to disclose any information about behavior issues that may arise with the dog I am fostering.

As a foster, I agree to give the dog in my care basic training, socialization, and anything else recommended by Hello Bully to make my foster dog a happy, adoptable companion animal.

I hereby acknowledge that fosters are not covered by liability, health, accident, or property insurance and I hereby release and forever discharge Hello Bully, it’s directors, agents, employees, representatives, attorneys, successors from any and all claims, causes of action, damages, costs, attorney’s fees or demands of whatever nature with regard to any accident, damage, or injury that may result from activities related to fostering for Hello Bully.

By checking yes, I understand that Hello Bully reserves the right to refuse foster or adoption at their discretion. YesNo

By checking yes, I agree that the dog will be kept as a companion house pet. The dog will not be used in any medical experimentation or illegal activities. YesNo

By checking yes, I understand that some insurance companies may deny or discontinue coverage based on the breed of dog. I agree to check with my insurance company prior to fostering or adopting. YesNo

By checking yes, I agree not to sell, trade, transfer ownership, abandon, or dispose of this dog in any way, nor release the dog to any family member or friend, but rather if for any reason I am unable to continue fostering, to contact Hello Bully and return the dog. YesNo

By checking yes, I agree to allow representatives of Hello Bully to examine the dog and his or her living conditions at any point in the future, and to relinquish the dog if the conditions are found unsatisfactory. YesNo

By checking yes, I understand that Hello Bully will contact the references I have provided. They may also conduct a home or property check and a criminal background check at their discretion. YesNo

By checking yes, I agree that I have never been convicted of a crime involving the neglect, abuse or other illegal activity relating to an animal. YesNo

By checking yes, I agree to abide by all state and local leash laws. As a responsible Pit Bull owner I will NEVER let my foster dog roam free. I will never take my foster to a dog park or other public off leash facility. I will supervise or separate my foster from other dogs or animals residing in my home. YesNo

By checking yes, I absolve Hello from any and all liability relating to the dog I am fostering. If I adopt the dog, I agree to assume full responsibility for the dog's actions, including any and all damages done by the dog. YesNo

By signing below, I agree that the information I have provided in this application is true and I agree to abide by all the conditions listed above.

Thank you for your interest in opening your home to a rescued Pit Bull.